Sun in a Red Sky



Red Lock on a White Wooden Gate

I took this photo the same day I took “Wave” – on a quick trip over the hill to Santa Cruz from my (then) home in Los Gatos, CA. Great times exploring the Santa Cruz beaches and harbor, and got some shots that have turned into the classics in my portfolio.

~ stephen

Santa Cruz Wave

I took this photo near the famous and highly localized surf spot “The Hook” in Santa Cruz, CA. Located just south of another world famous surf spot, “Pleasure Point”, these rocky shores and cliff lined coastal areas make for some great photo opportunities. Sometimes you just have to grab a camera, and simply show up!

~ stephen

Costa Rica Coca Cola


I took this photo while traveling in Costa Rica, where all of the Coca Cola bottling factories only use all natural Costa Rican Cane sugar. Try to get your hands on one, it’s such a different and great taste! Then maybe go for a swim out there… Not too bad a place, right?

~ stephen